About Us

We are “California and Hawaii Inspired” Clothing, better known as CAHI.  Inspired by the unique and harmonious cultures of Southern California and the Hawaiian Islands, CAHI offers a playful, adventurous take on contemporary fashion. CAHI draws on the most dynamic elements of surf, street, art and music for gear that promises kickback comfort with a singular sense of style. Our clothes are designed to evoke the ageless spirit of the places we call home while celebrating the distinct personalities of our ever-expanding CAHI ‘ohana. So whether you’re checking out the scene at Seal Beach in Orange County, hanging with the monk seals on Oahu’s North Shore, or enjoying life in your own special corner of the world, we hope you’ll take us with you.




OUR STORY:  CAHI is a simple name and concept that characterizes our lives, past and present.  It represents home and the cultural lifestyle that we love.   We spent our days growing up on the coast of Southern California and Hawaii. The cultures of these two locales run deep in our veins, and is core to the brand.  Our inspiration and creativity is drawn by these cultural undertones of everyday life. Embodied in the CAHI concept, is the Seal.  The Seal accentuates the brand, and invokes a laid back, playful, and adventurous lifestyle.  The Seal also highlights the origin of the brand, and the fusion between the two geographies, as the Seal is prominent and special to both locales; Seal Beach, CA, and Oahu, HI.


OUR PRODUCTS: CAHI designs are integrated with premium fabrics that are extremely soft, comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable.  We are constantly exploring and pursuing new fabrics, colors, and trends for our clothing and accessories.  We take pride in our brand and every garment and accessory is designed and handcrafted in Hawaii and California! Aloha!